Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Infect me with some of this please...

In this enlightening post on the difference between viral marketing and conversational marketing Shel Israel clearly states his personal objectives. Imagine what a fantastic place this world would be if everyone had these values.

“If you have not yet figured out why I post nearly 1000 times a year, let me explain that I am a conversational marketer. I'd love it if every reader buys my book, hires me to consult or pays a conference producer because I'm speaking at their event. But if you don't do that, then it's nice when you just come here leave comments here, or pick up what I'm talking about on your own blog or at your water cooler or in your car pool or over your backyard fence. Yes, I'm marketing myself, and I'm trying to build a personal brand. To do this, I try to be generous as often as I can.

But the only virus I want to spread is enthusiasm for the emerging social media.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me extend my personal brand, Keith.