Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Feeling Good

It is a great feeling to know that everything you are working on really is to your own benefit. I decided that I wanted to build my own personal brand in order to provide better long term security (As per my post “Is short the new long?”), even if I started another corporate role how long would it last and if extrapolated 10 -15 years what happens in the final analysis?

It’s tough starting out on your own from a financial perspective and I’m not sure yet if the hardest part will be getting enough work to keep me fully occupied or ensuring I get paid as and when agreed or maybe some other issue I haven’t even considered yet.

In little under 3 months I have discovered what blogging was all about, thanks to Naked Conversations, and figured out it was a really significant story. I started this blog and discovered all about how the tools work (or not in some cases – i.e. Blogger’s lack of trackbacks), I think understanding feeds is the toughest bit.

I quickly worked out that I could launch my own marketing consulting business based on the powerful combination of this recently acquired knowledge and my own experience of corporate marketing.

Reflecting on my own perceptions from within my last corporate role, I’d say that lack of time, good explanation and relevant case studies meant it was easy to dismiss what’s actually happening with customer communications. I felt I could help companies with their bandwidth issues and explain the relevance to them in ways they’d understand.

It seems to be working! So far one client has said yes to my proposal and I am just about to start the project (hopefully more details to follow shortly) and I have at least 2 other hot prospects and several other good opportunities.

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