Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Art of Communication

I wrote an introduction to the changes occuring in customer communications for my good friends at Signals:

How to find out what your customers really think

It’s an irony that communications technology has made it harder, not easier, to get your message heard. The problem is choice. These days, customers are unlikely to make significant buying decisions based solely on a dialogue with your sales team. Instead, they conduct research on the Internet. But even that is already changing.

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Anonymous said...

I was at a Financial Services Marketing event this morning and there was one common theme to all the presentations (from Hitwise, Ambergreen and Spannerworks) - and that theme was that there is no hiding place. Social media and social networks are thriving because of the lack of trust in the brands everyone's talking about - you'd rather have a personal recommendation from a total stranger on a website than trust the marketing blurb produced by the company. Organisations that have started to do this, and one of the presenters cited travel companies who let customers comment on the holidays they've had, are really benefitting - seeing improved customer relationships and insight, and more importantly generating some trust. So why aren't all of us in corporate marketing adopting it?