Sunday, August 06, 2006

Career Opportunities

I've always found that the best corporate career opportunities exist in companies in crisis, making a difference is what is required (job satisfaction for me) and promotions are always a possibility in a restructure however don't necessarily expect any bonus, and try and get a parachute in case it all goes wrong.

Second best are companies rapidly expanding, bonuses are a real benefit, but the workload is crazy - typically with no time for recognition and internal competition is fierce, promotion comes as the team grows - which can be painful waiting for.

That leaves corporations that are just chugging along, where I have found ingrained practices and politics rife, with little opportunity to make any impact and bonuses a hit or miss affair. I'll let you guess how I categorize my own career choices!

What I haven't tried until now is my own business or a pure start up. Here goes!

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