Thursday, May 03, 2007

Please enter your passcode and press the pound sign!

There is probably a whole book on US v UK differences, but I keep hearing this one on calls to the US and I just don’t understand it – why do Americans call this “#” a pound sign – I always think “£” as a pound (sterling) sign or “lbs” for pounds as a weight measure. Is there another sort of pound? I'd call # a hash sign....!


Francis Tchertoff said...

Interesting...the French call it "fagot" ;-D)

and I've always wondered why the Brits call the Channel (the one that is between France and Britain) the ENGLISH Channel...the French simply call it "La Manche". It reminds me of the famous headline: "fog on the English Channel, Europe cut off"

Anonymous said...

well - it is the ENGLISH Channel. It annoys the French and that's reason enough.

My story is about "Lift" vs "Elevator" and the Englishman pointing out to the American that it was the English that invented the language - and it is, therefore a "Lift" - and the American pointing out that the "Elevator is an American invention" and that, therefore "we can call it what we damn well please" :-)