Monday, March 05, 2007

"Expletive" Cool Technology

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has got excited about Google alerts in his blog and I agree they are a really useful way of tracking your key interests. He points out how he tracks his own key words “Scott Adams Dilbert” so he can see who is talking about his work and that he’s reasonably likely to read (at least some of the content to get the context).
So I got to wondering if adding a batch of obvious key names, words and links at the end of this post I might grab the attention of a number of prolific bloggers and pundits and tell them about our great new technology.

Sharedband is this really cool patented software technology that aggregates the bandwidth of broadband lines. This is a totally new low cost line bonding solution for the mass market - it uses commodity routers pooled together distributing IP packets across multiple lines.
This gives you much faster internet connection speeds, upstream and downstream, as well as adding greater resilience to your service. Great news if you depend on the internet for your living as do the illustrious bunch below....and many many more besides.

Dennis Howlett AccMan B.L. Ochman Kathy Sierra Creating Passionate Users Hugh MacLeod Gapingvoid Om Malik GigaOm Jackie Danicki Brian Oberkirch Like It Matters Steve Rubel Micro Persuasion Shel Israel Global Neighbourhoods Naked Conversations Neville Hobson Shel Holtz Robert Scoble Scobleizer - Tech Geek Blogger Seth Godin Seth's Blog David Tebbut Teblog Sam Sethi Vecosys Techmeme Michael Arrington Techcrunch
Declaration: I am Sales & Marketing Director for Sharedband - and yes this an unashamed awareness promotion - unashamed because its great news for every broadband user who wants more than what their getting currently.


Anonymous said...

It got my attention, Keith!

My internet connection is via cable (NTL as was). So Sharedband doesn't look like it's for someone like me, right?

Unknown said...

Actually we are just about to launch a Sharedband firmware upgrade for a popular wirless router that will then enable you to mix broadband technologies like cable and ADSL. However you probably also need to wait for v1.1 of the software (just a few weeks time) that will enable you to combine lines with unequal speeds as the current version bonds at the lowest line speed.

So I'll remember to drop you a note when we have the answer to your prayers - i.e. an even faster upstream and a more resilient connection - I remember a post last year when your NTL cable was out for several hours and you were totally lost!