Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Firefox to Internet Explorer and Back Again

A few weeks ago now I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox and have been very happy with the experience. In particular I like the active bookmarks and tab views.

Then on my last blog post I saw a problem with the formatting of the bullet points – some html code was showing up on some peoples PC’s. However I and some of my other friends couldn’t see the issue at all. The reason was that I had created my post whilst using Firefox and those people seeing the errors were using IE. Of course this isn’t a new issue but it was new to me and the thought of having to check all my posts for compatibility before publishing certainly didn’t fill me with delight.

Checking around I found a blog talking about this: Firefox Review and a recommended neat little plug in to Firefox that allows you to easily switch the viewed page to IE and back again at the press of a button, so now I can continue to enjoy the benefits of Firefox and ensure that everyone gets the picture.


Anonymous said...

Keith - the tip about the Firefox plug-in is great. Thanks - very useful.

As I'm sure you've already found, the cause of the formatting issue is likely to be that you are cutting and pasting from Word which brings in all of the formatting hidden behind it and disrupts some blog systems. Typing directly in the blog software or first pasting to a text editor like Notepad will help to solve this too.

Unknown said...

You're spot on with cut & paste from Word. Helps when Blogger publishing crashes out - as it seems prone to!

Also had a quick look at your site - http://www.betterbusinessblogging.com/
- looks like you'e got some interesting stuff there - plenty to read.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's why you want to get yourself on a decent blogging system like a full Wordpress! ;)

Thanks for your comments on the site - I like to think there's some useful information there and the Business Blogging eCourse has been well received too. BTW - I have a few thoughts about your previous post on Blogging Interviews which I will post once I have clarified them a bit.

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