Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fred Greeno Launches Gotradelive to the World

Who is Fred Greeno? Watch the video and see him explain how gotradelive will give small and medium sized businesses another way of doing business online.

If you have followed my blog in the past you will won't have missed the lack of activity whilst I have been busy getting gotradelive ready for the market. Now it is ready, you will see many more posts from me as we go about spreading the word about the value we can bring to SME's around the world.

Please visit the site and register, there is no commitment, no cost and you can try it out with friends and colleagues - just for fun try finding out how much your colleagues will pay for the bosses car! Seriously though   these tools which are available to anyone can really help companies improve their business, with more efficient ways of selling, buying and marketing to their private networks - and stay in control of the whole process.

The team is off to China tomorrow to kick start our Asia Pacific operations and we are totally excited about the prospect in store. Stay tuned to find out how we get on over the next few days.

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