Thursday, August 20, 2009

Live Auction Software

Who knows about live on-line auctions - software that makes it possible for second by second interactive bidding - or sniping? Appropriate for a limited B2B environment of 100's rather than 1000's of bidders.
Does the software already exist? packaged off the shelf- if so who is publisher / how much?
Is there anything especially challenging with this type of live interactive functionality?
If not readily available is it difficult to develop from scratch and who could do it? again what sort of cost & development time?

Is there anything I should know about auction software? Any gotcha's and/or what functionality do the large well known on-line auction houses have?

Initial feedback suggests there is a serious gotcha called serialization - making sure bids occur in the order they actually happen and that everything is visible to all bidders at the same time. This is apparently a real challnge due to the way the web works.

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