Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sharedband Press Stories

Last week Sharedband released three great press stories:

1) We signed a reseller contract with BT Wholesale, who will market and sell our products and services to ISPs in the UK
2) A great customer case study, based on a reprint of a story by Talk Internet about the use of Sharedband at the British SuperBike Grand Prix to help journalists upload their stories and photos.
3) Our new alliance status with Netgear as a global solutions partner.

All together they make a great story – not only did BT give our technology fantastic credibility but also a straight forward route to market. The customer angle clearly demonstrated we have a solution for a real problem and the alliance with Netgear was a truly global partnership.

After ringing a couple of dozen editors I was in no doubt we’d get some coverage – but I really hadn’t bargained for such a super uptake. Here are some links to articles and posts published by last Friday: Peter Judge Ray Le Maistre
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Anonymous said...

have read alot about this bonded adsl solution as our company is considering to increase bandwidth due to congestion. have searched many companies..and come accross a hardware solution from xrio for bonding 8 isp connections. also lets you use load balancing and qos ive been told which seems alot more cost efficient.

Unknown said...

Hi Martin
Why don't you contact Sharedband on and tell us about your company and its needs and then we can explain why Sharedband is a superior solution to all other bonding technologies as well as being far more cost efficient.